Origins of Anthrax

One of my favourite series on T.V. is undoubtedly Criminal Minds. I have a general love for series with criminals, forensic science and (“not sure if this is a good thing or not”) serial killers. My favourite character at the moment is Dr Reid (the skinny guy). Of course some people would think that he’s pretty lame, with four degrees and being able to read books at super speed and all, but “you just got to love Reid”.

I was watching an episode (Somewhere in Season 5), where there was some guy (unsub) who decided that he was going to unleash Anthrax on a government institution because they wouldn’t accept him in. Along the way Reid who is full of facts, says that ” scientists believe that the first time that Anthrax has ever been evidenced in History is when God caused a plague of incurable boils on the Egyptians ” recorded in the book of Exodus. To be honest I haven’t made the attempt as yet to verify that statement and I am not sure if I will. As someone who has studied science academically and has had the opportunity to relate with some Professors and Doctor’s I wouldn’t doubt that some scientists do believe this.

I will not say that it is fact because I believe that the bible is the truth and it doesn’t actually say how the boils scientifically came to be. I found this very interesting because in my initial reaction I was totally aghast. I was bristling at Reid’sstatement! Then the reasonable me kicked in and I started thinking about it. It makes complete sense that God would be the first to know about Anthrax. After all He is all-knowing and everything was created by God for God. I think what is important to know is that, this does not make God a terrorist. I’m not sure whether this was what Reid was implying or not but, his statement can be easily misconstrued to mean that (that’s if he wasn’t implying that). God does not have any evil in Him it says in 1 John that He is light and He is love. There is no darkness in Him and there is no evil. What it does tell us though is that God is obviously more scientifically advanced and since He is the beginning (Alpha) he would know more science than we do. I personally think that God is science and that all the scientific discoveries that we are making are us learning more about Him, it’s just that we have decided to call it science. I don’t know what they call it in heaven but it might just be different. Our knowledge is very limited we do not have all the pieces of the puzzle and that is why there are still so many questions in science, like how the earth was really formed. If you chose to believe solely in science then I can imagine that there would be a lot of frustration because we haven’t yet managed to piece together all the pieces of the puzzle that make up our universe and our being. I choose to believe that all that we know about science is working to fulfillment of all that is written in Genesis and throughout the bible.


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