Opportunity is Knocking at Your Door

I hear the words “opportunity is knocking at your door” and immediately my mind jumps to business opportunities, job opportunities, basically opportunities to make money. What about the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life? I was recently afforded the opportunity to speak into someone’s life simply because I had been craving a particular kind of drink (strawberry flavoured Bonaqua). I was very particular about the brand that I wanted. I couldn’t find it in the one shop and in my psycho state of mind had to walk quite far in order to go and get it. When I appeared in the shopping area where I was hoping to find it I met a young man (a friend) who was sitting there having something to eat. So I sat down and we started talking. one hour and a strawberry flavoured Bonaqua later he started to tell me about some of the challenges that he is facing in his life. It was profound how they were almost exactly like something I went through two years ago. I was able to encourage him. I didn’t really say anything profound to him really but the truth as I see it. You would be surprised how sometimes you can look at a person and think wow that is a great person. It would surprise you that, that person doesn’t actually doesn’t see it. So its important to tell people. You could make a whole lot of difference to their esteem. So opportunity is always knocking on your door. Who knows you could be the person who made the difference in the life of the next president.


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