Get Out There and Do It

When you know that you know that you know that you want to do something. Why not stop dreaming so much about it and just get to it. That is what this post is about. Some of us out there are great doers. We find it very easy to conceive of an idea and immediately start running with it. Well that is great. Then there is that fraction of the population who have something holding them back. They find it very easy to dream about greatness and all the wonderful things that they can do in the world and in life. These people tend to spend a lot of time in their minds. These are the people I am encouraging to get out there and do something. I don’t know what it is that you might want to do but just get there and do something. Someone said something to me this week, “if you have something within you or on you that can be of benefit to someone then go ahead and share.” She didn’t say “think about sharing it” she just said simply share it. So I want to encourage anyone out there who has been thinking about the great things that they could do for society, but as yet have not done anything. Lets do something. Take that small step, even if it means go and buy running shoes. For me its, get a blog. I love writing, especially my thoughts. Yes they might not be of immediate benefit to anyone but who knows hey. Start small and see what doors the Lord will open up for you. Don’t procrastinate but just step out in faith and get started. In the words of NIKE, ” Just Do It!”


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